John Allen's Gorre & Daphetid

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Visual Aid

12:00 AM

At 12:00 AM slow freight #10 pulled by 4-10-2

locomotive #34 proceeds to pick up the Drover's

caboose at Austin Street station then heads out

onto the cutoff on it's way to Gorre.

On the Gorre & Daphetid a slow freight take

everything except boxcars in it's consist.

In the West, the Dover’s caboose was attached

behind the train caboose of a livestock train for

ranch hands to accompany livestock from the

ranch to the processing plant. The train crew rode

in the train caboose and the ranch hands in the

Drover’s caboose. The Drover’s caboose was

more like a combine car than a standard caboose

with sections for both passengers and freight. On the Gorre & Daphetid a

Drover's caboose provided passenger and freight service to Daphetid.

1:15 AM

Slow freight #10 drops the

Dover's caboose at the west end

of the Gorre yard. (In the

picture to the right the Dover's

caboose is hidden in the tunnel

under Devils' Post Mountain.)

2-8-0 locomotive #29 is waiting

to take the Drover's caboose to

the Gorre station then on to


Slow freight #10 proceeds to Port harbor. (A stopwatch is useful here. As

slow freight #10 begins to depart Gorre set the stop watch to 17 minutes.)

3:10 AM

Locomotive #29 departs Gorre

station en route to Daphetid.

The trip is slow, 4 to 6 MPH, due

to the tight curves and poor

condition of the track.

5:45 AM

Slow freight #10 arrives at Port


6:00 AM

4-6-2 locomotive #50 is moved from the

turntable through the throat of the yard

and backed down onto it's consist waiting

at Austin Street station.

7:00 AM

Passenger #4 pulled by 4-6-2 locomotive #50 departs Austin Street station.

After clearing the yard speed is increased from 6 MPH to 12 MPH for the run

to Gorre.

7:30 AM

After at least a 30 minute stop over locomotive #29 with the Drover's

caboose departs Daphetid station en route back to Gorre station.

8:00 AM

Passenger #7 pulled by 4-6-0

locomotive #49 departs Port

station enroute to Gorre station.

A speed of 6 MPH is maintained

through the Port yard then

increased to 12 MPH for the run

to Gorre.

9:10 AM

The Gorre Pedler leaves Port harbor for Gorre. At Gorre it picks up tank cars

#173 and #174.

9:55 AM

Westbound passenger #4 departs

Gorre station. It stops in the

Gorre yard to meet eastbound

passenger #7 and the Gorre

Pedler then proceeds to Port


12:20 PM

Passenger #7 departs Gorre station en route to Austin Street station.

2:45 PM

Fast freight #15 pulled by 2-8-2 locomotive #40 departs Port harbor for


7:30 PM

Fast freight #15 picks up the

Drover's caboose and proceeds

to Great Divide.

8:00 PM

The Gorre Pedler departs Gorre having picked up tank cars #173 and #174.


Gorre Pedler arrives at Austin Street



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