John Allen's Gorre & Daphetid

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This project grew from a suggestion by Jim Dill of TrainPlayer. I thank Jim

for his suggestion which has led to the many hours of enjoyment I have had

producing this website.

The website would not have been possible without the availability of visual

material with which to generating the TrainPlayer backdrops and to show

the magnificent beauty the Gorre & Daphetid. To this end I am particularly

grateful to Keith Beard who gave permission to use his many excellent

photos by John Allen discovered in John Allen’s house when it was bought

by his father. I would also like to thank Dr. Swarner and Rod Smith whose

photos are identified on the website. Permission for use of Dr. Swarner’s

photos was obtained through Peter Prunka. The insert of Eagle’s Nest resort

in the TrainPlayer backdrops came from a photo by Dr. Swarner as did the

train station at Angels Camp, which appears only on the backdrop for the

completed track plan as the station at Angels Camp was a late addition to

the Gorre & Daphetid.

Finally, I would like to thank Peter Prunka and Rod Smith for there valuable

comments during construction of this website. Peter drew attention to

additional materials available for reference. Rod Smith brought first hand

knowledge of the Gorre & Daphetid having been Yard Master at Great Divide

in 1963-64.

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