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The Gorre Peddler

In the early 1960’s the Gorre & Daphetid RR operated with an out-and-back

main line. From Port the Peddler ran westbound over the completed River

Subdivision to Gorre. The usual locomotive designated for the Gorre Peddler

was 2-6-6-2 #38. Because the turntable at Gorre was only 54 feet, #38 could

not be turned.

In April of 2008 Rod Smith related on the Yahoo group website how the

Gorre Peddler spent half it's life running tender first:

Yahoo Group Website #7324

Turning the Gorre Peddler

April 2, 2008

“… there was no way to turn

the engine at Gorre. It did turn

around at Port … it would pull

into town, drop it's cars and run

around the loop so as to back

down on the cars awaiting its'

departure. It would also pick up

the caboose, which, of course,

was immediately available

being on the rear of the train it

has just dropped. It left Port

and proceeded to Gorre

regardless if the tender was

leading or the pilot. Spent half

its life running tender first!…”

Rod Smith Yardmaster, Great Divide, 1964-65

The Gorre Peddler operated as an

unscheduled extra in order to make local

pickups and deliveries. It spotted cars at

Sowbelly, Squawbottom and Cross Junction.

It set out cars and picked up assembled

consists at Port but car spotting and assembly

of consists for forwarding was handled by the

local yard engineer. At Gorre the branch line

engineer spotted cars and assembled consists

for forwarding. The Gorre Peddler made as

many round trips as it could while avoiding

the scheduled traffic.

Sowbelly required switching from both

directions. Squawbottom was complicated

by the need to clear cars parked at the two

industries on the passing siding (Technologies

Inc. and Clymate Chemicals) to facilitate

meets and passes with scheduled traffic. Squawbottom could be further

congested as it was used to store cars when local industrial tracks were


The Gorre Peddler’s motive power, 2-6-6-2 #38, could pull only 13 cars up

the grades from Squawbottom to Port or Gorre and could departed Gorre

with a maximum of 26 cars, the limit for Sims Loop, for the downgrade run

to Squawbottom.

Slow and fast freights connected Gorre and Port to Great Divide and

operated in conjunction with the Gorre Peddler on the River Subdivision. On

the Gorre & Daphetid slow and fast freights were distinguished by the

nature of their consists. Fast freights hauled predominantly box cars.

Although their consists could be augmented with reefers fast freights could

not haul other car types. On the other hand, slow freights could not haul

box cars but could haul all other types of cars.


The Gorre Peddler above Sowbelly on it's

way to Gorre

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Original by Dr. Swarner used with permission


The Gorre Peddler in the

hole at Squawbottom

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