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The Andrews Peddler

Between 1965 and 1967 the

Summit Subdivision was

completed as far as Andrews and

Cold Shoulder. The portion of the

Summit Subdivision between Port

and Andrews was run as a branch

line and serviced by the Andrews

Peddler which, like the Gorre

Peddler, was operated as an

unscheduled extra. In addition to

Andrews, the Andrews Peddler

also serviced the coal trestle at Corsa.

Motive power included 2-8-0 #26

or 2-8-0 #28, which could pull 10

cars up the hill from Port to

Andrews. Alternatively, 0-6-0 #12

or 2-6-0 #25 might head end the

Andrews Peddler, but these

locomotives could only pull six

cars up hill.

Port often had more cars for

Andrews than these locomotives

could accommodate, in which

case the Andrews Peddler

engineer, if he had time took

more cars and double the hill by

leaving between Port and Corsa

what couldn’t be pull first go



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