Installing Blender

The current version of Blender (July 2018) is 2.79b.


Blender can be installed on many different platforms (i.e., Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, FreeBSD).


Blender for Windows comes with two installation options, a self-extracting installer and a compressed zip archive. The self-extracting installer is perhaps the easiest to use. It installs Blender on your C drive. Choosing the zip archive allows you to install Blender anywhere (e.g., you C drive, and external drive, a stick drive).


You should have at least 8 GBs of RAM in your computer and have a reasonably good graphics card, with at least 1GB of memory. 


To Install Blender:


Use your browser to go to the Blender Foundation download page.




    Select the Blender 32 bit or 64 bit installer (for Windows Vista, 7, 8 

     and 10) 

    and a location to download from (USA, DE, NL1 or NL2). (Windows XP is 

    not (actively) supported anymore.

Set hotkey to SHIFT + LEFT CLICK (shown) or any other hotkey shortcut you wish.

(Click on image to expand.)


Click Save User Settings in the lower left-hand corner so the change will be saved for next time you open Blender.


Now you can place the 3D Cursor anywhere you want  (SHIFT + LEFT CLICK) and it will remain there until next time you wish to move it. I like to park it in the lower left-hand corner of the 3D window.