Canadian Pacific Railway’s Mountain Subdivision: Field to Revelstoke

British Columbia, Canada circa1887



October 2, 2017

October 2, 2017

2010 T:ANE Sessions

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All assets and their dependencies are available on N3V’s download station (DLS with the exception of JR Dk Grey Dirty Weathered, kuid2:334896:38013:1, which comes with T:ANE as part of one of the built-in routes and is listed as payware.






Tour of the Mountain Subdivision

MBC 2010 Tour of the Mountain Subdivision kuid:431633:101809

    Requires kuid:431633:101801


Tour of the Mountain Subdivision is designed as an introduction to the route and some of its features. You take off from a grass landing stripe at Field, British Columbia, Canada in a twin engine Beechcraft Barron B55. First you head east towards the Kicking Horse Pass. You circle the Laggan Hill on the east side of the pass and then head back west past Bath Creek, once again over the Kicking Horse Pass, and then circle the Spiral Tunnels, then down the Kicking Horse River Valley past Field and Ottertail, Leanchoil, Palliser and Glenogle sidings to Golden on the Columbia River. From there, you head north down the Columbia River past Moberly, Blaeberry, Donald, and Redgrave and Beavermouth sidings to the mouth of the Beaver River. You follow the track about two-thirds of the way up the Beaver River Valley and turn right to follow Bear Creek to Rogers Pass. Once over the pass you follow the Illecillewaet River Valley past Flat Creek, Illecillewaet, Albert Canyon, Lauretta, Twin Butte and Greeley to Revelstoke and land at the Revelstoke Airport. Flying time approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. 


Piper Arrow Flight - Golden to Field

MBC 2010 Piper Arrow Flight - Golden to Field kuid:431633:101807

    Requires kuid:431633:101801


The flight in a Piper Arrow takes off from the Golden Airpost, circles Golden and the rail yard to the south then heads up the Kicking Horse River valley to Field and on to the Kicking Horse Pass. On the way back it circle the Spiral Tunnels then land on a grass strip at Field. Flying time 50 minutes.


Cessna Flight - Golden to Revelstoke

MBC 2010 Cessna Flight - Golden to Revelstoke kuid:431633:101806

    Requires kuid:431633:101801


The flight in an amphibious Cessna 208 Caravan takes off from the Columbia River next to the Golden Airport, flies down the Columbia River Valley, then up the Beaver River Valley and through Rogers Pass. West of the pass it follow the Illecillewaet River Valley then landing at Revelstoke. Flying time 35 hour. 


WestJet Flight - Golden to Revelstoke

MBC 2010  WestJet Flight - Golden to Revelstoke kuid:431633:101808

    Requires kuid:431633:101801


A WestJet 737 taking a low, slow trip from Golden down the Columbia River valley, up the Beaver River valley, through Rogers Pass then down the Illecillewaet River valley landing at Revelstoke giving a view of the Selkirk Mountain Range and Rogers Pass from a higher altitude. Flying time 30 minutes.


Canadair 415 Flight - Forest Fire

MBC 2010 Canadair 415 Flight - Forest Fire kuid:431633:101805

    Requires kuid:431633:101801


A Canadair 415 water bomber from the province of Ontario has been loaned to the province of British Columbia forest services to fight a forest fire west of Leanchoil, British Columbia, Canada.




Through Traffic

MBC 2010 Through Traffic kuid:431633:101811

    Requires kuid:431633:1013801


Through Traffic is not actually a session to be operated. Through Traffic has consists programmed to run the route, both from predetermined location on the route and generated from the portals. You can add consists to the session and operate and interact with the main line traffic.


Yard Work

MBC 2010 Yard Work kuid:431633:101810

    Requires kuid:431633:1013801


Yard Work is not actually a session to be operated. Yard Work has consists set up to receive (load) and supply (unload) at the various industries but no program to do so yet. You can couple up to these consists and transport them to the various locations. For example: The cars loaded with logs at Donald can be taken to the mill west of Revelstoke to be turned into lumber. The lumber cars at the mill can be taken to Illecillewaet to be made into pallets and the pallets shipped either east or west to Toronto or Vancouver.