Canadian Pacific Railway’s Mountain Subdivision: Field to Revelstoke

British Columbia, Canada circa1887



October 2, 2017

October 12, 2017

2010 T:ANE Dependencies

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All assets and their dependencies are available on N3V’s download station (DLS with the exception of JR Dk Grey Dirty, kuid2:334896:38013:1. I searched the DLS in vane for a track to replace <kuid2:45324:38024:4> JR Dk Grey Dirty that I originally used in the route and could not come up with one I liked. However, I found that <kuid2:334896:38013:1> JR Dk Grey Dirty Weathered was available on T:ANE, or so I thought, so switched to it. Its hard to tell the difference between them but obviously the non-weathered will be needed if one has the T:ANE Standard Edition.


Alas, it is third party although it is freeware.


Go to Jointed Rail.com and find JR Dk Grey Dirty:


Jointed Rail.com > Freeware > Trackside Items > JR Dk Grey Dirty or  



(You will need to open an account to download the asset.)