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Videos of the Mountain and Laggan Subdivisions

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Bear Creek




Ross Peak


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3.4 (Shushwap Subdivision; part of the MBC 2012 route)

Videos are arranged, as much as possible, from west to east starting with

Revelstoke and ending with the Bow Valley east of the Kicking Horse Pass.


8910 eastbound at Bigby

(5 Minute and 16 Seconds)

A 132 car intermodal train lead by CP ES4AC 8910 & CP AC4400CW 9633 coasts

into revelstoke for a crew change. CP ES44AC 8746 was mid-train

and CP ES44AC 8887 brings up the rear.


Crossing the Columbia River at Revelstoke

(1 Minute and 9 Seconds)

A mixed CPR freight train leaves Revelstoke and heads west across the

Columbia River toward Eagle Pass in the Monashee Mountains.

CEFX122 West - Revelstoke

(2 Minute and 2 Seconds)

After a brief pause for a new crew in Revelstoke, British Columbia,

CEFX122 and 128 rolls across the Columbia River with train 177.

CP Revelstoke

(7 Minutes and 24 Seconds)

An Eastbound Intermodal train with containers from the Port of Vancouver

passes the intersection of Long Avenue and Victoria Road about to enter

the yard at Revelstoke.

CP 8871 and 9726 passing through Revelstoke

(5 Minutes and 26 Seconds)

An Eastbound Intermodal train with containers from the Port of Vancouver

passes the intersection of MacKenzie Avenue and Victoria Road enters

the yard at Revelstoke.

CP 8937 leading an Eastbound Coal train arriving Revelstoke

(13 Minutes and 3 Seconds)

An Eastbound coal train with containers from the Port of Vancouver

passes the intersection of MacKenzie Avenue and Victoria Road enters

the yard at Revelstoke.

CP Train Spotting: CP 8785 Leads CP Potash

(2 Minutes and 44 Seconds)

A unit potash train passes along Victoria Road as it enters the Revelstoke

yard. It rains as heavily as it snows in the mountains.

CP 8953 departing Revelstoke BC on a Westbound mixed freight

(7 Minutes and 58 Seconds)

CP 8953 departs Revelstoke British Columbia after doing some switching

setting out a cut of work hoppers then picking up some more cars.

After sitting for quite some time, and meeting other trains, it got permission

to depart.

Revelstoke Bear

(3 Minutes and 58 Seconds)

Exiting Revelstoke rail yard at the east end I looked up the tracks and spotted

two black objects moving, so I pulled off the dirt road and set up my tripod

and zoomed in. Low and behold there are two black bears on the tracks

eating something. After they departed I walked up there and saw that they

had been dinning on a small pile of grain that obviously escaped from a

previous grain car.

(In Jasper Park through which the Canadian National Railway’s main line

passes, there is concern that the bears may soon be extinct. They come

down to the track to feed on spilled grain and are hit by passing trains.)

Cessna 310 landing Revelstoke

(4 Minutes and 28 Seconds)

Tight pattern to avoid the mountains coming into Revelstoke. This Cessna

land in the opposite direction to that in the MBC 2010 session.


8-11-12 [CP] 9357 West at Greely

(4 Minutes and 49 Seconds)

Here a 126 car coal train heads west to Revelstoke for a crew change being

lead by CP ES44AC 9357, while (DIRTY) CP AC4400CW 9545 was mid-train

and CP AC4400CW 8560 was at the rear.

8-11-12 [CP] 8707 East At Greely

(4 Minutes and 36 Seconds)

A 152 car coal train flying eastbound with a horn show and being

lead by CP ES44AC 8707 CP AC4400CW's 8518 9756 and CP SD40-2 6010,

while CP ES44AC 8838 is mid-train and CP AC4400CW 8511 is at the rear.

8-11-12 (CP 198) [CP] 8910 East At Greely

(5 Minutes and 18 Seconds)

A 132 car eastbound is lead by CP ES44AC 8910 and CP AC4400CW 9633,

while CP ES44AC 8746 is mid-train Remote and CP ES44AC 8887 is at the rear.

Flat Creek

CEFX122 West - Flat Creek

(1 Minutes and 24 Seconds)

After cresting Rogers Pass through the Mount MacDonald Tunnel,

CEFX122 and CEFX128 cruise through Flat Creek.

Rogers Pass

CP Canadian in Rogers Pass and Rockies

(3 Minutes and 16Seconds)

An historic piece of footage taken in the 1960's on 8mm film from the

CPR's Canadian. Features scenes of Rogers Pass (Connaught Tunnel,

Stoney Creek bridge) and Yoho Pass (Spiral Tunnels).

friendly engineer @RossPeak

(4 Minutes and 15 Seconds)

CP8604+8568 pulling an intermodal heading east past

the west portal of the Macdonald Tunnel.


(3 Minutes and 44 Seconds)

A crescendo builds as a heavy freight is about to emerge from the west portal

of the Mount Macdonald tunnel in Canada's Selkirk Mountains.

Cp rail eastbound in Rogers Pass

(3 Minutes and 10 Seconds)

A unit coal train passes the west portal of the Macdonald Tunnel

on its way to the Connaught Tunnel.

CP power

(2 Minutes and 31 Seconds)

West portal Connaught Tunnel.

Connaught Tunnel Eastbound

(2 Minutes and 3 Seconds)

An empty coal train returning east enters the west portal of the

Connaught Tunnel July 18, 1988.

CP Rail Mount MacDonald Tunnel

(3 Minutes and 49 Seconds)

Approaching the eastern portal of the Macdonald Tunnel.Entering the

Macdonald Tunnel.

Entering the Macdonald Tunnel

(1 Minutes and 9 Seconds)

A coal train grinds its way into the east portal of the Macdonald tunnel.

Mt Shaughnessy Tunnel

(3 Minutes and 25 Seconds)

Two westbound trains exit the west portal of the Mt. Shaughnessy


Shaughnessy Tunnel

(7 Minutes and 19 Seconds)

CP9775,9823, saunters out of Shaughnessy Tunnel with C9777

pushing up the rear.


Pushing for the Pass

(4 Minutes and 8 Seconds)

Relive the days when the ground would tremble when CP Rail

routinely harnessed 36,000 horsepower to lift heavy westbound

trains to the summit of Rogers Pass.

Pushing for the Pass II

(5 Minutes and 30 Seconds)

A heavy westbound coal train gets a push up the hill heading for

Rogers Pass, July 20, 1988.

CEFX122 West - Rogers

(1 Minutes and 20 Seconds)

EMD SD90/43MAC’s, dolled up in the CEFX maroon paint scheme,

roll westward with train 177 at Rogers.


1946 Revelstoke to Beavermouth on CPR train historic footage

(3 Minutes and 31 Seconds)

Filmed by Joe Morin in 1946 from eastward Canadian Pacific train.

0:25 Glacier BC

Helper on wye had just been removed from their eastward train.

[Because of limited space the end of the wye tunnelled into

the mountain.]

0:40 Connaught tunnel

1:05 Stoney creek bridge

1:20 Surprise creek

1:25 Mountain creek

2:30 Beaver canyon

2:40 Columbia river

3:30 Beavermouth


CP 898 Coal Train at KC Junction in Golden BC Part 1 of 2

(5 Minutes and 27 Seconds)

CP 898 was held up at KC Junction waiting for a local train to clear, now 898

has the light at KC Junction and can proceed on to the Windermere Sub to

reach to the coal yard at Golden.

CP 898 Coal Train at KC Junction in Golden BC Part 2 of 2

(5 Minutes and 49 Seconds)

898 continues to pull through KC Junction after coming to a stop. I was

lucky enough to see a mid train DPU and a tail end DPU. CP 8740 was

mid train and CP 8574 was on the tail end of CP 898.

CP Rail Golden BC Five Engines

(2 Minutes and 42 Seconds)

Five GE AC4400 / ES44 Engines, westbound loaded train heading towards


CP 9840 East Stack Train at KC Junction with DPU's

(3 Minutes and 0 Seconds)

An eastbound CP intermodal glides through KC Junction in Golden BC

with CP 9840 up front and CP 9803 and CP 8621 acting as DPU's.

Golden BC Nay 2009

(6 Minutes and 25 Seconds)

Long CP manifest with two AC4000 CW and a SD40-2 leaves Golden

to climb up Kicking Horse Pass.

CP 8810 CEFX 1033 & Express Way 5742

(5 Minutes and 9 Seconds)

CP ES44AC 8810 CEFX AC44CW 1033 Express Way 5742.


CP9xxx East - Glenogle

(3 Minutes and 30 Seconds)

A pair of GE AC4400CW’s lead a manifest and intermodal train,

with CP9505 as the rear DPU, east through Glenogle along the

Kicking Horse River.


CP9532 West - Near Palliser

(2 Minutes and 59 Seconds)

CP9532 with train 177 moving westward toward Golden.


CP9538 East - Leanchoil

(1 Minutes and41 Seconds)

CP9538 is on the point, and CP9531 is the mid-train DPU on an

eastbound empty sulphur train, passing through Leanchoil.


CEFX122 West - Ottertail

(2 Minutes and 15 Seconds)

Zipping ahead as train 177 quickly changed crews in Field, we catch

CEFX122 and CEFX128 rolling west at Ottertail.

CP Rail Westbound Crosses Ottertail Bridge

(2 Minutes and 48 Seconds)

CP Rail Westbound passes over the Ottertail Bridge.

CP Rail Intermodal at Ottertail and Cathedral

(4 Minutes and 57 Seconds)

Lead unit ES44AC 8874 fresh out of the shops after having been

repaired from a collision with another train near Golden B.C. in March 2010.

CP9532 West - Ottertail

(4 Minutes and 57 Seconds)

CP9532 and CP9681, a pair of AC4400CW's, have train 177 in tow at Ottertail.


CP9123 East - Field

(3 Minutes and 34 Seconds)

472 with a fresh crew on-board and CP9123, CP9500, and CP8550

pulling a consist of 98 cars, heads east towards the climb up to the

Kicking Horse Pass.

Lagan Subdivision

Lower Spiral Tunnel

A CPR freight train at the Spiral Tunnels Lookout

(7 Minutes and 5 Seconds)

A CPR freight train entering the lower spiral tunnel near Field, BC,

in the Canadian Rockies, then coming out again while its back end

is still going in.

Train going through Yoho spiral tunnel

(4 Minutes and 8 Seconds)

Lower Spiral Tunnel, Yoho National Park

(7 Minutes and 38 Seconds)

A mixed freight heads west through the Lower Spiral Tunnel.

Filmed from the observation point on the Trans-Canada Highway.

Spiral Tunnels.mov

(2 Minutes and 56 Seconds)

Video taken from rear car on Rocky Mountaineer September 2010.

Upper Spiral Tunnel

Upper Spiral Tunnels at Field

(2 Minutes and 43 Seconds)

Unit container trains head through the Upper Spiral Tunnel.

Westbound CP Rail Freight at the Spiral Tunnels

(6 Minutes and 23 Seconds)

Westbound freight leaves Partridge Siding for the Upper Spiral Tunnel.


CanadaTrains CP long train running Kicking Horse Pass

(2 Minutes and 47 Seconds)

A mixed freight heading east enters the west end of partridge Siding.

CP9123 East - Partridge, B.C.

(4 Minutes and 5 Seconds)

CP9123 has command of train 472 eastbound at Partridge. The EMD

leader has two GE’s behind, CP9500 and CP8550, with 98 cars of manifest

as the train works its way east toward Calgary over Kicking Horse Pass.


Modified September 24, 2012