John Allen's Gorre & Daphetid

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Visual Aid

Ready to depart Port.

2-6-6-2 #38 is at the water


Couple #38 to the consist and

proceed to Gorre.

Waybill #01

Pick up loaded tank cars from

oil well at Sowbelly.

Switch List #01

While #38 is serviced in the

Gorre yard, branch locomotive

#29 assembles eastbound Gorre

Peddler consist then spots

incoming cars.

Waybill #02

Eastbound Gorre Peddler

departs Gorre tender first. It

picks up two box cars at

Sowbelly, drops three and picks

up three at Squawbottom then

proceeds to Port.

Switch List #02

While #38 is serviced at Port,

yard locomotive #28 assembles

a fast freight consist destined

for Great Divide then sets out

incoming cars at Port Plastics,

the Warehouse, harbor track 1,

Bulline Packers and the Sand,

Gravel, Rock, Ore & Coal Co.


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