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Traffic Flow

Andrews is the third largest center serviced by the Gorre & Daphetid RR

after Great Divide and Port and it’s addition changes traffic flow


Vegetable Production

A. Fenton Produce boasts that Andrews is the “Broccoli Capital of the

World!” It is likely that other members of the Brassica family of plants,

such as cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, rutabaga and turnip, were,

in addition to broccoli and other vegetables, processed at A. Fenton

Produce. In the days before freezing, produce undoubtedly was shipped to

Rosalie Cannery in Port for preservation by canning. A. Fenton’s Storage and

Packing facility in Port would also be a major distribution center for their

products from Andrews.

Grain and Flour Production

A large grain elevator was eventually built in Andrews. This facility was

likely large enough to have its own flourmill which, by out competing the

small gristmill at Gorre, would have become the supplier of flour for

Superior Bakery in Great Divide.

Logging, Lumber and Paper Products

Construction of the Andrews sawmill opened up a new route for logs

produced at Sowbelly. They could now be shipped to the millpond at

Andrews, processed into finished lumber, and the lumber supplied to the

lumberyards at Gorre and Great Divide, to the harbor at Port, and to inland

markets east of Great Divide.

It is tempting to think of Finley’s Dendritus as having been established to

compliment the sawmill by shipping their waste product up river from Port

to be made into paper. The paper reentering Port harbor could then be

supplied, as previously, to the Waverly Herald and the Harbin Box Company.

Petroleum Products

Leming Compressed Gas Co. provides a destination for petroleum product

coming from the refinery east of Great Divide. Leming Compressed Gas

likely produces ethylene for shipment to Port Plastics and manufacture into

polyethylene plastic products.