John Allen's Gorre & Daphetid

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Traffic Flow on the River Subdivision

John Allen developed a plethora of local traffic with just a few industries.

Add the connection to river traffic at Port and, to the east of Great Divide,

the interchange with the Southern Pacific RR, and the possibilities were


In addition to the many industries at Great Divide, Terminal, Gorre,

Daphetid and Port which produced and required goods from far away

places, several commodities produced locally required specific routing by

the Gore Peddler.

Logging, Lumber and Paper Products

The Gorre Peddler eastbound out of Gorre serviced a logging camp near

Sowbelly. As there was no sawmill on the Gorre & Daphetid in the early

1960s flatbed cars presumably transported the logs elsewhere for

processing. In the scenario presented here it is presumed that the logs were

shipped to the Port harbor for shipment up river to a sawmill. Lumber

returning to Port was delivered to lumberyards at Gorre and Great Divide.

Timber posts for shoring up mine shafts were delivered to the mines at

Gorre and Daphetid and also to the mine at Angels Camp.

Port may also have been the receiving port for paper products destined for

the Waverly Herald press and the Harbin Box Co. in Great Divide. Products

of these businesses would have wide distribution by water from Port and to

the east of great Divide.

Crude Oil and Petroleum Products

Crude oil produced at Sowbelly may have been shipped eastward to a

refinery east of Great Divide. Returning petroleum products would have

been delivered to the chemical depot at Great Divide, the oil depot at

Gorre, Clymate Chemicals at Squawbottom, and Port Plastics and the oil

depot at Port. Petroleum products may have been shipped via the Anabel

Ferry to connecting railroads and by water to other destinations. Cars

carrying crude oil and petroleum products, respectively, returned empty

because of the high cost of cleaning before carrying other cargos.

Technology and Climate Control Porducts

Technolgy Inc. and Clymate Chemicals at Squawbottom presumably

received supplies arriving at Port and from Great Divide and points east.

Likewise product were shipped to industries located in Port and Great

Divide and to points farther a field.

Livestock and Meat Products

The livestock yard at Squawbottom shipped livestock to Bulline Packers in

Port for processing, as presumably did the livestock yards at Gorre, Great

Divide and Terminal. Locating in Port gave Bulline Packers ready access to

shipping by water to distant markets and via the Gorre & Daphetid RR to

Great Divide and markets to the east.

Grain, Flour and Bakery Products

Grain presumably arrived by water and was stored temporarily in the grain

elevator at Port. From here it could be shipped to the warehouse and

gristmill at Gorre for processing into flour, the flour shipped to Superior

Bakery in Great Divide, and the bakery products shipped, in turn, east and


Sand, Gravel, Rock, Ore and Coal

The Sand, Gravel, Rock, Ore & Coal Co. was ideally located in Port for

receipt of shipment for local consumption or trans-shipment to distant

markets. In particular, it was a potential destination for ore mined at

Gorre, Daphetid and Angel’s Camp and for rock and gravel quarried at

Gorre. Alternatively these commodities could be directly offloaded to

waiting boats or barges.

It is unclear whether coal was produced locally. Because of the low cost of

shppping by water is may be that coal arrived at Port and was then trans-

shipped by rail, in partcular, to the coaling tower at Terminal and the coal

trestle at Corsa.