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Tab-On-Car and TrainPlayer

With TrainPlayer, the tab-on-car system can be used, even extended, to

achieve the same realistic ebb and flow of car movements and random

distribution of rolling stock. Cars may be forwarded to the appropriate city,

town or village (i.e., destination car forwarding) or, with the addition of

waybills and switch lists, to the appropriate industrial site or other loading/

unloading destination (i.e., point-to-point car forwarding).

Destination for individual cars may be extended to more that four. However,

here, a limit of four has been adhered to. As was practiced on the Gorre &

Daphetid, the Anabel Ferry is considered as two sites. Loadings for the first

site (f1) go to the bow of the boat while loading for the second site (f2) are

to the rear. Car forwarding is also limited by the commodity carry. Thus, a

tank car carrying crude oil is limited to cycling between the only oil well on

the Gorre and Daphetid RR at Sowbelly and the refinery, which is visualized

as being east of Great Divide.

A three-step procedure is used here to achieve car forwarding.

Steps two and three add point-to-point car forwarding:


Individual cars numbers

and their forward

destinations (cities,

towns or villages)

are contained in the

TrainPlayer car IDs.

(destination car



A spreadsheet table provides car spotting information for industries

and other loading/unloading destinations.


Waybills and switch lists provide specific direction to road and

yard crews, respectively, for car spotting.

(point-to-point car forwarding)

With this system the Gorre & Daphetid RR may be operated with either

destination car forwarding or point-to-point car forwarding.

Car Numbering and Lettering for Destination Car Forwarding

As with John Allen’s adaptation of the tab-on-car system to the Gorre &

Daphetid RR, prototypical car identifications are foregone in favor of

simpler designations, a number from 101 to upwards of 300 for each pieces

of rolling stock that populates the Gorre & Daphetid RR.

Then each city, town or village is given a single unique letter designation as


Up to four letters following the car number indicate the sequence by which

a particular car is to be forwarded.

This information constitutes the car ID in TrainPlayer.

Color coding used on the Gorre & Daphetid has been enhanced.  On the

incomplete RR gray represents the branch from Andrews to Cold Shoulder

(but not the Tioga Pass RR interchange) and the branch from Great Divide

to Angle's Camp. On the completed RR gray represents the Summit

Subdivision. Thus, Cold Shoulder, West Divide and Angel's Camp are gray.

Purple is added to indicate car forwarding to points west of Gorre.

Arrival and Departure Locations and Car Spotting for

Point-to-Point Car Forwarding

Yards locations for arriving or departing consists are designated for three

locations, Great Divide, Port and Gorre.

For other locations cars are spotted when they arrive.

Industry site codes identify specific locations where a car may be spotted.

Spreadsheet table

Spreadsheet tables have been generated using Microsoft Excel and are

available on this website for downloading. If Microsoft Excel is unavailable,

the spreadsheet can be imported into a Google spreadsheet found at

Google Documents on the Google website. Google Documents is free,

requiring only that you have access to the Internet and register as a Google

account holder. Microsoft Excel spreadsheets available on this site can be

easily imported and opened as a Google Documents spreadsheets.

An Example Four-Destination "Tab-on-Car" Point-to-Point


Suppose a hopper car #112 is destined to pick up at the livestock loading

ramp at Squawbottom and transport to Bulline Packers in Port. The empty

car then travels empty to the livestock yard at Gorre where it is again

loaded but this time shipped east through Great Divide.

The TrainPlayer car ID would be: 112MPGE (M = Squawbottom, P = Port, G =

Gorre, E = Great Divide East).

By simply conducting a search of the spreadsheet for the car number

(i.e., 112) spotting information for each of the destinations can be found.


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