John Allen's Gorre & Daphetid

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Smiles, the Fast Clock and Schedules

On the Gorre & Daphetid operations were regulated by time schedules. To

facilitate operation by schedules John Allen adopted a 12:1 scale reduction

for both distance and time.

Distance was measured in “smiles,” one smile being 5 actual feet in length.

This distance was derived from the fact that in HO scale one mile is

approximately 60 feet. By applying a 12:1 scale reduction one mile then

becomes 60/5 = 5 feet.

One hour of real time became 5

minutes, as shown by the clock in one

of the building at Great Divide geared

to run fast.

Passenger trains were operated over

the line at a maximum speed of 30

smiles per scale hour (5 actual

minutes) while freight trains were

operated at maximum of 20 smiles per

scale hour. As John Allen explained, on

a mountain railroad with steep grades

and sharp curves, trains have to

operate at reduced speeds.

John Allen calculated in 1964 that

the completed mail line of the

Gorre & Daphetid RR would be 370

actual feet long, or 74 smiles.

However, this included the

Southern Pacific RR track from

Great Divide to Gorre and the yards

at both Gorre and Great Divide.

The actual length of the completed

Summit and River Subdivisions is

closer to 63 smiles. In the diagram

to the right, smile are measured

from the switch at the east end of the Gorre yard and continuing to the

west switch at Great Divide smile post are positioned to the right of the

track and point out and away from the direction of travel (west to east).


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