John Allen's Gorre & Daphetid

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Love of Bridges

John Allen loved bridges. His mountain railroad was ideally suited for

bridges. Rather than crossing the mountains, it followed the mountain

valleys crossing streams and rivers, gullies, ravines and gulches, even

canyons, gaps and chasms.

John Allen built his bridges of

wood, stone, concrete and steel.

He built deck, pony and through

bridges, beam, arch and truss

bridges, over 100 in all. He built

short bridges over streams, such

as the one in Helengon Gap, and

long viaducts over the major

cities, such as the one over Port

and another over the

classification yard of Great Divide. He built low bridges in the valleys and

high bridges in the mountains, some spanning from one peak to another,

such as the Scalp Mountain Arch Bridge.

In designing the backdrop for the TrainPlayer layouts an effort has been

made to include, even feature, John Allen's bridges through the use of

actual photographs. A notable exception is the Great Devil's Gulch Bridge

that was never built. Here a copy of the arched bridge across Helengon Gap

was superimposed across Devil's Gulch.