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Summit Subdivision

Great Divide to Andrews

The city of Great Divide is high in

the mountains and presumably

takes its name from the nearby

Great Divide which is the range of

highest peaks in the Rocky

Mountains that stretch the length

of the western side of the North

American Continent.

Great Divide is the eastern

terminus of the Summit

Subdivision. A westbound train

first swings past the roundhouse

before heading out over the

viaduct, which carries it over the

city of Port, its ultimate destination on the Summit Sub. Passing above

Austin Street Station it crosses the Great Divide classification yard then

climbs to Angels Camp, the highest elevation on the Gorre & Daphetid RR.

Angels Camp houses workers from the nearby Butler Mine.

From Angels Camp, the westbound train swings out over the Great Devil's

Gulch Bridge, high above Devil’s Gulch and Squawbottom Creek, to Scalp

Mountain, also known as Flat Top Mountain. Then it is out over another

abyss on a steel deck truss bridge with Squawbottom far below. At this

point the Gorre & Daphetid RR has its greatest vertical separation between


Upon completing the crossing, snow covered peaks are encountered at Cold

Shoulder. Only the mountain valleys are clear of snow for part of the year

when sheep are shipped to Cold Shoulder to take advantage of the lush


Past Cold Shoulder the train passes the Andrews Bypass and takes the route

to Andrews where it backs in to the Andrews Station.

Andrews to Port

From Andrews the westbound

train crosses high over Helengon

Gap then passes through Eagle's

Peak by tunnel to meet up again

with the Andrews Bypass.

From here it is out over yet

another towering bridge, this one

of steel deck girder and steel deck

truss construction suspended on

towering concrete pillars over

Squawbottom Creek.

The train now hugs the valley

above Squawbottom Creek as it

descends east, north then west

along Devil's Gulch. Up Great Canyon it passes though the mountain range,

the only crossing of the mountains the Gorre & Daphetid RR makes, to

reach Corsa.

From Corsa it is a relatively short descent to the riverside city of Port

where the train travels up Railroad Avenue to arrive under Port Union



Great Divide to Andrews


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Andrews to Port


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