John Allen's Gorre & Daphetid

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Andrews Branch

Port to Andrews

The Gorre & Daphetid RR reached

Andrews about 1967 and this line

was operated as a branch, the

Great Bridge over Devil’s Gulch

never having been completed.

From Port Union Station an

eastbound train travels down

Railroad Avenue in Port. From the

entrance to the harbor, the

eastbound then makes its way to

Corsa, then on to Akin first through

a tunnel, then over French Gulch

on a pony truss bridge, and over

Drains on a stone fill. After passing

through two tunnels on either side

of Rjeldgaard Falls, it crosses a

stone arch bridge, then high over Texas Draw on a steel arched bridge.

From Akin, the east bound crosses yet another stone arch bridge, passes

through a short tunnel and, after crossing a stone arched bridge, ventures

out onto a truss deck bridge sandwiched between steel girder deck spans

supported on concrete pillars. At the end of the bridge the eastbound

arrives at the lift to Eagle's Nest, a resort perched on a high peaked


Through a short tunnel and across Helengon Gap on a deck truss bridge

brings the eastbound to Andrews.


Andrews Branch


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