John Allen's Gorre & Daphetid

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Main Line

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Great Divide to Squawbottom

While the Summit Subdivision

remained unfinished, the Gorre &

Daphetid RR used the "cutoff,"

originally conceived as running

rights on the Southern Pacific RR,

to reach Gorre from Great Divide.

Departing from Great Divide, an

eastbound train is first pulled out

of the classification yard by a yard

locomotive. Once the road

locomotive is in place the train

continues via Southern Pacific RR,

or "cutoff," through a tunnel to

Cross Junction, over Sowbelly

Creek on a truss bridge, down

Giant Canyon, and on to Gorre via Ryan Trestle and a tunnel through Devil's

Post Pile, a massive red rock mountain.

From Gorre the eastbound train now proceeds on the Gorre & Daphetid RR

main line, under the Southern Pacific RR truss bridge, once again over

Sowbelly Creek this time on a pony plate girder bridge, and under the

Devil's Gulch & Helengon RR wooden truss bridge to Sowbelly.

From Sowbelly the eastbound train crosses French Gulch on a deck plate

girder bridge, Cooper Creek on a wooden deck truss bridge, Drains and

Rjeldgaard Falls on stone arch bridges, and Squawbottom Creek on a

concrete multi-arched bridge. The eastbound then takes Sims Loop around

Scalp Mountain crossing two deck plate girder trestles, and passing through

a short tunnel to arrive at Squawbottom, the lowest elevation on the Gorre

& Daphetid.

Squawbottom to Port

From Squawbottom the eastbound

train crosses a stone arch bridge,

which accommodates both the

main line and the passing track.

The main line then passes through

Helengon Gap crossing a stone fill

and then Squabottom Creek on a

wooden deck beam bridge.

As the eastbound train follows the

ascending main line along side

Squawbottom Creek it crosses a

stone arch bridge, this over a

creek carrying snowmelt from

mountains surrounding Cold

Shoulder above. Over another

stone arch bridge, through a short tunnel and over yet another stone arch

bridge brings the eastbound to Texas Draw.

Crossing Texas Draw on an iron deck truss bridge, the eastbound then passes

under Robinson Cliff on three stone filled cuts, then crosses over an iron

deck plate girder bridge supported on stone pillars. It then crosses

Rjeldgaard Falls on a culver drained stone cut, Cooper Creek on a stone

arch bridge, and French Gulch on a wooden town lace deck bridge.

The eastbound then passes through a tunnel, the only tunnel to actually

cross a mountain range, to arrive at Cross Junction.

From Cross Junction the eastbound then proceeds to Port arriving first at

the harbor then swinging into town and under Port Union Station.


Great Divide to Squawbottom


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Squawbottom to Port


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