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TrainPlayer Program

Now that you have seen the layout, it's time to consider operating trains.

To operate trains you will need

a copy of TrainPlayer. This

software comes in both

Macintosh and Windows versions

and may be downloaded from

the TrainPlayer web site. You

can try out the software by

downloading a fully functional

demo, which is free for 10 days. After that you need only purchase the

$29.95 US TrainPlayer package to operate the TrainPlayer scenarios

included with this website.

However, if you wish to alter the track plan to operate the Gorre &

Daphetid as it might have existed at a given point in time, or if you wish to

construct other layouts, you need to purchase the $49.95 US package,

which includes both TrainPlayer and TrackLayer.

To Starting Your Journey

To start an operating session you will need to first download a couple of

files. (Download instructions are provided with each of the scenarios). One

is the Gorre & Daphetid background file, the other the file for disposition of

motive power and rolling stock. Files for disposition of motive power and

rolling stock have been designed to be used with one or other of the two

background files provided:

Incomplete (actual) Gorre & Daphetid

The Great Devil's Gulch Bridge is not in place and the Devil’s Gulch

and Helengon RR has not reached Helengon Gap.

Completed Gorre & Daphetid

The Gorre & Daphetid RR main line consists of both the River

and Summit Subdivisions and the Devil’s Gulch Helengon RR is

competing with the Gorre & Daphetid RR through Helengon Gap.


Links to these background (.jpg) files and the additional flies

(Trainplayer [.rrw] files, car spotting files, waybills, switch lists,

timetables and operation tables [.xls]) are found on pages:

Gorre Peddler: File installation

Gorre Peddler: More Car Forwarding

Andrews Peddler: File Installation

Andrews Peddler: More Car Forwarding

Summit Peddler: File Installation

Summit Peddler: More Car Forwarding

The River Subdivision: File Installation

Saving operating sessions

You may save an operating session at any time but note that unless you

have previously saved a copy of the original file you will loose the initial

disposition of rolling stock and motive power. You can, of course, download

again a copy of the file with the original disposition of rolling stock and

motive power.


Original by Jim Dill used with permission


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