John Allen's Gorre & Daphetid

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Using still photographs to create a "bird's eye view" of the layout was not

without challenges.

First, there were the difficulties

of combining two perspectives,

side on as in the photos, and

overhead as needed for the

track plans. However, John

Allen’s use of floor to ceiling

scenery seemed to help.

Furthermore, by combining the

two perspectives John Allen’s

love of bridges could be


Second, there were limitations due to the fact that close-up photos have a

narrow depth of field. In addition, some photos had decidedly different hue

and tint.

Third, the photographs, found and recovered by Keith Beard's father when

he purchased John Allen's house, were damaged with noticeable soot marks

from the fire. However, the need to keep file size within reason, for

presentation over the Internet and for construction of backgrounds for

TrainPlayer layouts, tended to negate this concern.

Finally, the available photographs were taken over time and John Allen had

a tendency to move around not only rolling stock and people but also

structures to create visually appealing scenes to photograph.


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