John Allen's Gorre & Daphetid

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Port Union Station is a purple

building with a pyramid roof in

the center of Port. A train arrives

under the building itself after

having traveled down the middle

of Railroad Avenue, thereby tying

up traffic, or passed by the harbor

where freight is loaded and

unloaded, and transferred to and

from river boats, a more

inexpensive form of


The car ferry Anabel transports rail

cars and their freight directly to

nearby interchanges with other


Industries serviced by sidings in the harbor include Bulline Packers, A.

Fenton Produce Packing and Storage, Rosalie Cannery, Boutades Co., Port

Plastics Inc. and The Sand, Gravel, Rock, Ore  & Coal Co.

Whit Towers, Boutades Co.

and Port Plastics Inc.

dominate the skyline of