John Allen's Gorre & Daphetid

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Car Forwarding with the Summit Peddler

The Summit Peddler is ready to depart Port on its way eastbound to Great


All cars are destined for Great Divide (waybill 01) with three stock cars to

be picked up at Cold Shoulder.

2-6-6-2 #37 has been serviced at Port and coupled to waiting eastbound


Note as you work through the scenarios the extent to which the Summit

Peddler is dependent on the Andrews Peddler, Gorre Peddler and main line


Rules of the Road

Freight trains travel at a maximum of 9 MPH, 6 MPH within yard limits.

2-6-6-2 #37 can pull only 13 cars up the grade (i.e., from Port to Great


Cars with an X designation in their ID travel only westward and cars with an

E designation in their ID travel only eastward.

Cars once set out must remain at a location until the Summit Peddler

returns, or they are picked up by a slow freight or another peddler (e.g.,

the westbound Andrews Peddler).

Upon leaving a location set the turnout to the main line.