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TrainPlayer Idiosyncrasies


On occasion you may have difficulty uncoupling cars with TrainPlayer. One

solution is to reverse direction and then uncouple. Another is to add a car

between the cars you wish to uncouple, carry out the uncoupling, then

delete the added car.

Train IDs

When uncoupling, train (locomotive) IDs can be easily lost. For this reason I

have keep the IDs short so they can be easily re-entered i.e., just the

locomotive number. I had originally thought of placing the wheel

configuration here along with the maximum number of cars which could be

pulled up a 3 1/2 % grade. Instead, this information is provided in a

locomotive roster.

One way to try and ensure that the locomotive ID is retained, is to make

sure the uncoupling indicator points toward the locomotive before





Indicator points away

from the locomotive.

Train (locomotive) ID lost


Indicator points towards

the locomotive.

Train (locomotive) ID retained