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Andrews, high in the

mountains, is a major regional

center and station stop. The

station has ample passenger

and freight handling capacity. It

also provides packing and

crating services, even frozen

food storage. The Westward Ho

House, which is in close

proximity to the station,

provides accommodation to


Andrews Lumber Co. has a sawmill complete with millpond at Andrews to

receive logs from the region, including deliveries from Sowbelly and


A large facility, Findley’s Detritus, handles waste materials, perhaps the

bark and sawdust from the sawmill operation, in which case it may be

ahead of it’s time in making use of, rather than burning, such refuse.

Behind Findley’s Detritus stands a large grain elevator complex and flour

mill. The mill supplies flour to Superior Bakery in Great Divide.

Compressed Space Ltd.

beside the millpond and

dam claims to sell space

by the barrel or the car

load. A sight gag, when

viewed through the

skylight mirrors made the

interior look huge!

Oil deliveries, and

shipments of compressed gas from the Leming Compressed Gas Co., are

handled at a facility beside Findley’s Detritus.

Other industries at Andrews include  A. Fenton Produce, a company that

claims Andrews to be the BROCCOLI CAPITAL OF THE WORLD!


Original by Dr. Swarner used with permission