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Navigation Aid

Navigating to a specific view on screen, for example, to check for progress

of a train or disposition of cars at a particular location, is cumbersome (on

a Mac at least). Navigating can be facilitate by creating "location markers."

Using QuicKeys software, available for both Macintosh OS X and Windows,

to select these location markers can further facilitate navigation.

On the TrainPlayer (.rrw) files "locations" have been "marked" by hiding

short pieces of track and a locomotive (without an identifying number) at

specific locations, labeling the corresponding  "train" as, e.g., "Great Divide

Location." By selecting these location labels from the Trains Menu (Mac

version) the view can be rapidly switched from one location to another.

Programming QuicKey shortcuts using, for example, the Option Key as a

modifier aids in selecting locations. Below is a list of QuicKey shortcut

which match the Town Codes presented previously:

Great Divide

⌥ R


⌥ T


⌥ P


⌥ A


⌥ M


⌥ N

Devil's Gulch

⌥ V

Angels Camp

⌥ L


⌥ Y


⌥ G

Switching between locomotives (trains) can also be facilitated using

QuicKeys. In this case, use a different modifier key combination e.g.,

Control key in combination with the Option key. This may again be followed

by the Town Code for selection of the town's respective yard switcher, e.g.,

"⌃ ⌥ A" for the Andrews yard switcher. For road locomotives, I use the

number keys 0 through 9.