John Allen's Gorre & Daphetid

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Situated beside Squawbottom

Creek and at the lowest point

on the railroad, Squawbottom

is the mid-point of the River


One of the earliest structures

built at Squawbottom was the

stone Power and Light Co.

building. The company

generated power using a dam

located behind the powerhouse.

Technology Inc., located to the

west along the passing siding,

and Clymate Chemicals, across

the tracks from the distinctive

station with it's "Witch's Hat"

roof, were presumably situated

to take advantage of the

available power.

A siding to the southwest has a cattle yard. It is often used to store cars

when local industrial sidings are full.

The Cinnabar Mine is located to the north of Squawbottom on the side of

Scalp (Flat Top) Mountain.