1887 T:ANE

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Canadian Pacific Railway’s

Mountain Subdivision:

Field to Revelstoke British Columbia, Canada



November 16, 2016

October 2, 2017

1887 T:ANE Route

MBC1887 August 15, 2017 


MBC1887 has been developed from east (Stephen) to west (Revelstoke). This version (MBC1887 17 08 15 1515) is "complete" from Stephen to Donald. West of Donald some town sites are "complete". Other town sites, notably Revelstoke, are yet to be fully developed but you are still able to traverse the line from end to end, roughly 150 miles (240 km). Currently town sites in the Illecillewaet River valley, notably Illecillewaet and Albert Canyon, are under construction.


Download MBC1887B 17 08 15 1515 kuid:431633:101867