Canadian Pacific Railway’s Mountain Subdivision: Field to Revelstoke

British Columbia, Canada in ~1887



September 2, 2016

December 6, 2016

Introduction to the MBC1887 Route

N3V has recently (December 2016) embraced a new dimension in Trainz model railroading, TMR17 (Trainz Model Railroad 2017). Like model railroading of the non-virtual kind, layouts (routes) are intended to be confined to small spaces, e.g., the equivalent of a bedroom or part of a basement, and build to a specific scale, e.g., N, HO, O, etc.


To me, another dimension lacking in Trainz derives from the fact that routes developed in Trainz are rarely, if ever, released until they are complete. Model railroads are usually built over an extended period of time and routes are often never considered complete. After all, at least half the fun is in the building. Sure, it isn't fun to explore a route that has hardly been started. But when it take years to develop a route, why not share it when it is far enough along to be enjoyed, even if it isn't considered complete?


With the Canadian Pacific Railway's Mountain Subdivision circa 1887 (MBC1887) I am going to break with tradition and make the route available before it is complete, which it may never be. This way you get to enjoy the route while it is in development, and I get to develop it at a leisurely pace without concern for when it will be, or whether it ever will be, complete.


My intent is to update the files periodically as I continue to develop the route. Files will be labeled with a "B" (e.g., MBC1887B) to indicate they are interim versions (i.e., beta versions), and with the date the particular version was created (e.g., MBC1887B 15 Nov 2016), so you can identify the most recent version. MBC1887 is currently (December 2016) being developed for T:ANE.




The initial route (December 2016) is complete from as far as Stephen to the east of the Kicking Horse Pass, through the Mountain Subdivision, Field to Revelstoke, and west across the second crossing of the Columbia River and up towards Eagle Pass in the Monashee Mountains, a total distance of approximately 150 miles (240 km).




All assets are freeware, and most assets are available on N3V's Download Station (DLS).


Those that are not, are ones that are functional but I am still working on. They will be provided in the Assets Section below.  Likewise, they will be labeled with a "B" and the date (e.g., Wood Stack 1 MBC091B 15 Nov 2016) to indicate they are beta versions and also to identify the most recent version. By beta I mean that the asset may be complete but, for example, LOD (level of detail) has not been applied (in some cases, such as large one-of-a-kind trestles, LOD is hard to apply without loosing detail at relatively short distances).  In other cases, the version is beta because I may be contemplating changing it in some other way.




Sessions will come later, although I do have one up and running.


Historical Notes 


Construction of the Canadian Pacific's transcontinental railway in the 1880s was a fascinating era. Much has been written on the era and photography, although in its infancy, was well enough developed that photographic records also exist. To the extent that I am able, I will try to describe the places and events being modeled.


A Further Note 


Finally, I have been switching my website over to a new website development software (Sparkle for the Mac). This program does not easily allow me to test my pages by uploading restricted pages then once satisfied removing the restriction. So I will need to periodically upload pages as I go and test them "on line". To that end, I date each page as to when it was last modified. This way you can tell where content might be in flux. I also date the home page with the last update for the site so you can tell when new content was last added to the site. (I always find it frustrating to read content and have no idea how old the content is).


I have also created a thread "Canadian Pacific's Mountain Sub circa 1887" on N3V's forum to provide a place for discussion, assistance, and announcements of progress on the route.