MBC 1887 T:ANE

Canadian Pacific Railway’s 

Mountain Subdivision: 

Field to Revelstoke British Columbia, Canada




October 2, 2017

November 3, 2019


Blender for Trainz

Blender for Trainz

Over the years I have tried to collect together a set of notes on using Blender 2.7 to make Trainz assets. These notes have helped refresh my memory when I have gone back to do something in Blender that I haven’t done in a while. Recognizing that they could also help others use Blender to make Trainz models, I from time to time I have uploaded these notes to my website.

The initial set of notes, written as tutorials and referred to as the “original tutorials”, were made when I was first becoming familiar with Blender. Here I tried to meticulously record the processes step by step. Later on as I became more familiarity with Blender I précised the notes, referred to here as the “additional tutorials”. 

At one point I became interested in animation; how to build a train car, a locomotive, and animate the drive train. When I saw a forum post that contemplated how to animate a flag I was intrigued and gave it a try. 

A while back, when I heard that Neal Hirsig was shutting down his website that hosted his 3D Blender Design Course, I got in touch with him and received permission to continue to make it available to Trainz modeller and others. The hands-on approach of Neal’s course help me immensely when I was getting started with Blender, an approach I have tried to continue here.

Hopefully, you too will find the information I have presented here helpful in creating your Trainz assets.

Note:    Commencing in 2018 new Blender 2.79 tutorials have been added.

             In the fall of 2019 Blender 2.8 tutorials have been added.

             Click the link above or (New 2.79 and 2.8 Tutorials) 

            or here.

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