MBC 1887 T:ANE


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Canadian Pacific Railway’s

Mountain Subdivision:

Field to Revelstoke British Columbia, Canada



October 2, 2017

October 2, 2017

Blender for Trainz

Over the years I have tried to collect together a set of notes on using Blender to make Trainz assets. These notes have helped refresh my memory when I have gone back to do something in Blender that I haven’t done in a while. Recognizing that they could also help others use Blender to make Trainz models, I from time to time I have uploaded these notes to my website.


The initial set of notes, written as tutorials and referred to as the “original tutorials”, were made when I was first becoming familiar with Blender. Here I tried to meticulously record the processes step by step. Later on as I became more familiarity with Blender I précised the notes, referred to here as the “additional tutorials”.


At one point I became interested in animation; how to build a train car, a locomotive, and animate the drive train. When I saw a forum post that contemplated how to animate a flag I was intrigued and gave it a try.


A while back, when I heard that Neal Hirsig was shutting down his website that hosted his 3D Blender Design Course, I got in touch with him and received permission to continue to make it available to Trainz modeler and others. The hands-on approach of Neal’s course help me immensely when I was getting started with Blender, an approach I have tried to continue here.


Hopefully, you too will find the information I have presented here helpful in creating your Trainz assets.