Quick Tips

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Closing/Opening Panels


• Pressing the A-KEY while hovering the mouse cursor over an open panel

will close it. Press the A-KEY again to open it. This is an easy way to keep

your Blender interface less cluttered.

Switch between 3D Editor and UV/Image Editor


• Adding texture to a mesh requires spending time going back and forth

between the 3D Editor and the UV/Image Editor. Sometimes you would

like to send some time in just the one editor but want to be able to quickly

get back to viewing the other editor or both. That’s where

SHIFT + SPACEBAR comes in handy. Hovering the mouse over an

editor and pressing SHIFT + SPACEBAR makes the editor full screen.

Press SHIFT + SPACEBAR again toggles back to the previous view.

Keys Available for Custom Shortcuts

(1-KEY to 0-KEY)

• Many of the keyboard keys are already taken for Blender’s built-in

shortcuts, or shortcuts introduced with a specific Blender addon,

making it somewhat difficult to find keys for your own use (i.e., your

custom shortcuts). I find that as a beginner I don’t use the layers

(1-KEY to 0-KEY) enough that I really need a shortcut. So I use them

for my own shortcuts:

1-KEY = Vertex Selection Mode

2-KEY = Edge Selection Mode

3-KEY = Face Selection Mode

4-KEY = Switch Face Normals

5-KEY = Loop Cut

6-KEY = Subdivide

7-KEY = Merge

8-KEY = Edge Split

• The beauty of using these keys is that you are only pressing one key.

You don’t have to twist your hand around to reach two or more keys.

They are easy to remember and by activating them with your left hand

you don’t have to take your hand off of the mouse.

• If you run out of keys you can also use ALT + 1-KEY to 0-KEY, which

by default are also used for switching layers.

Saving Intermediate Version of your File

•It’s a good idea to save often so if you really mess up you can go back

and start from a recently saved file rather than having to star all over


• Blender makes it easy to save versions. Press SHIFT + ALT/OPTION + S-KEY

then press NUMPAD-+ to incrementally increase the number of your version

to be saved (NUMPAD- - incrementally reduces the file number).

Finally, press ENTER and the file is saved and you are back to your project.

I like to start with “name01.blend” to keep my files in order. I usually have

more than 10 intermediates but have yet to go over 100.

Adding and Removing Viewports (Windows)

In Blender there is often “more than one way to skin a cat” (that is, more

than one way to do something).

To Adding and Removing Viewports (Windows) one method is to use

the cross-hatched areas in the upper right or lower left corners of

the viewports.

• To create a new viewport, place the mouse over the cross-hatched area in

the corner, LMB click and drag either horizontally or vertically.

• To close a viewport place the mouse over the cross-hatched area, LMB

to select the cross-hatched area of the viewport you ant to keep

and drag it over the hatched area of the viewport you want to get rid of

and release. As you drag the viewport which will be eliminated will turn

dark gray.

The second method is to select the divide between two viewports.

• To create a new viewport place the mouse over the divide between

two viewports, RMB to get the Area Options window, and select

Split Area”. You will be presented with a vertical dividing line,

which you can drag to where you want the divide then LMB to fix

it in place and create the new viewport. To split horizontally

hold down the middle mouse button (often the button associated

with the mouse wheel and drag.

• To close a viewport, place the mouse over the divide between two

viewports, RMB to get the Area Options window, and select

Join Area”. Hover the mouse over the viewport you want to get

rid of (an arrow will appear indicating the other viewport will take

over the space of the viewport to be eliminated) and LMB click.

• Keep that to remove a viewport, the viewport to be kept must share the

whole dividing line with the viewport to be eliminated.


Last updated: March 11, 2015