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When I decided to update my Blender tutorials in the fall of 2018 

I contemplated what to do with my earlier postings. Many were made with a web design software program that is no longer sold or supported. Also, a lot has changed with both Blender and especially Trainz in just the three to four years over which most of the tutorials were created. I decided that since some users may still want to access them, and since much of the material is still relevant, I would keep the material for as long as I can and would create links to it here.


The previous material falls into  four collections:

Note:    Linking this material to the new tutorial ls while keeping its 

            independence has been a bit of a challenge. So, the above links 

            open in a new webpage so that you can mare easily go back to 

            the home page for the new tutorials by selecting the still open 

            page or the browser tab.


The original tutorials were started in 2014, used Blender 2.72b and were written for Trainz 2012.


The added tutorials were written between 2015 and 2016 with Blender 2.75a and again written for Trainz. 2012.


The tutorials on animation were written in 2017 with Blender 2.73 for Trainz 2012.


In May of 2017 Neal Hirsig closed his website that hosted his Blender 3D Design Course. He graciously has allowed me to continue to make his course material available through this website. 


The intent of the new tutorials that follow is to address Using Blender To Create Trainz Assets for T:ANE and TRS19. It uses Blender 2.79b. It will be updated to Blender 2.8 when it comes out and becomes the version of choice by those using Blender to create Trainz assets. Some of the original material will be ported over and new material will be added. So, I would suggest starting with the new material that follows, in particular, Fundamentals then try one or more of the projects to get hands-on experience.