March 14, 2017

April 30, 2018

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From time to time I have tried my hand at making trains cars and played with the animation of locomotive drivetrains in anticipation I would try the ultimate, making a locomotive, but to no avail. Despite searching the Internet Trainz sites I just couldn’t get the hang of it and would eventually give up.

Then I discovered Rick Hargrave’s (thegrindre) tutorial on Curtis Reid’s (pencil42) website and with a little help from Curtis I made my first Trainz traincar asset. That encourage me to persevere with Paul Hobb’s Blender tutorial on animating an simple locomotive, and I finally got it.

This has opened up an whole new world of Trainz for me, building rolling stock, locomotives, and other animated assets for my route, the Canadian Pacific Railway’s Mountain Subdivision: Field to Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada.

As per usual, I am making notes as I go along and I would like to share those notes with you. What follows are tutorials on how to make traincar assets and other animated objects for Trainz.