Neal Hirsig’s 3D Blender Design Course



March 17, 2017

May 8, 2017

On May 1st, 2017 Neal Hirsig  closed his website that hosted his 3D Blender Design Course. For many Trainz modellers this course has been a favourite source of material for learning Blender. Moreover, as N3V embraces Blender with FBX exporters for both Window and Mac OSX it can be anticipated that in the near future more modellers will switch from gmax to Blender or, as they take up modelling, starting with Blender as their preferred 3D modelling program.


Neal has indicated that resource files for the course will continue to be available for about a year (till May of 2018) at the link he has provided and that video files on Vimeo should be available for the next three years (till June of 2020). What will be lost is the links Neal’s website, which pulled all the material together in an organized way.


Graciously, Neal has agreed that I may download and re-post his course material. What follows is an attempt to facilitate continued access by Trainz modellers and others to Neal Hirsig’s 3D Blender Design Course in it’s original form.