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Stick Build

I find extending edges (Stick Building) to shape a model or part of a model kind of

fun. It is best used when you can stick (no pun intended) to the X-, Y- and Z-axes

and are adding a relatively small part onto an existing structure, such as this

extension on the back of a shop. The result looks like Wireframe Mode but without

the faces.

Modeling often involves the use of several modeling methods. You may start out

with the Face Extension Method (Box Modeling), as was the case here, and then

switch to Stick Build. The Edge Extension Method (Poly-to-Poly) involves extensive

use of the Loop Cut and Slide Tool as does the Loop Subdivide Method. One object

may be modeled with one method while with another you use a different method.

Modeling can be a mix and match of methods, whatever works or strikes your fancy

at the time.


Last updated: December 20, 2015


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