Blender for Trainz

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Make Human

Make Human is an open source software program like Blender, i.e., it’s free! It is a

form of sculpting that can be used to make human assets for Trainz. The two big

advantages are that it greatly facilitates making the detailed mesh (its been made

for you), which almost guarantees that you end up with something that looks human

and not a comic book character or alien.

You decide the sex, age, race, height, weight, etc. You can add clothes that come

with the program or you can make clothes using the Make Clothes Blender add-on.

Once you have clothed your figure you export it to Blender where you reduce the

poly count before exporting it to Trainz.

The workflow I use is as follows:

1. Use the Make Clothes Blender Add-on to make clothes.

2. Export the cloths to MakeHuman.

3. Construct the human figure using MakeHuman (You can choose sex, age, race,

height, weight, etc.).

4. Add the clothing to the MakeHuman figure.

5. Export the clothed figure into Blender with either a male or female 1591 proxy


6. Reduce the triangle count of the clothing and 1591 figure to approximately

2,000 triangles.

7. UV unwrap the clothes, compile a texture image and UV map to the clothing

and proxy figure.

8. Remove the existing materials and textures and create a material

(material.m.onetex) and a texture (open your compiled texture image)

and UV unwrap.

9. Set the pose and save the figure.

10. With a copy of your clothed figure, apply the modifiers and remove the vertex

groups, save and export to Trainz.

11. Reduce the triangle count to approximately 1,000, adjust the UV map and save

and export to Trainz.

12. Reduce the triangle count to fewer than 500, adjust the UV map and save and

export to Trainz.

13. Add a material (material.m.onetex) and a texture (open your texture file) to


object and UV unwrap.

14. Create a Trainz figure with three level of LOD or, if you wish, simply use the

lowest (<500) poly mesh.


Last updated: January 21, 2016