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Modeling Methods

There is more than one way you can approach constructing a model in Blender. All

require beginning with one of the pre-formed Primitives, as Blender does not come

with a way to start from just a single vertex (although you can start by reducing a

primitive to a single vertex and there are add-ons can be installed to add this


Face Extrusion (Box)

Perhaps the most common method of modeling is Face Extrusion (also know as Box

Modeling). Selecting a face and extruding extends the Primitive. The Extrude Tool is

used to repeatedly along with other tools to shape the model.

Loop Subdivide

The Loop Subdivide method starts with a Primitive, usually the Default Cube that is

scaled large enough to encompass the whole model or, at least, most of it. The

Loop Cut and Slide Tool is used to mark out major features of the model and then

sections of the original Primitive that are not going to be part of the finished model

are removed.

Edge Extrusion (Poly-toPoly)

The Edge Extrusion method ( also know as Face or Poly-to-Poly Modeling) starts

with a Primitive, often just a plane, and etend an edge by extrusion to form the

surface of the model. This method is used to model organic forms with curved

surfaces, such as people, animals, cars and trucks.

Stick Build

The Stick Extension method is perhaps rarely used in and of itself. Instead of

extending a faces or edges, vertices are extended instead.


The Sculpt method is based on Blender’s built in Sculpting Mode. It initially can

create models with very high poly counts. But techniques for reducing the poly

count, such as shrink wrapping, make it a viable method for creating Trainz assets.

None of these methods are used in and of themselves. Rather, modeling is a

combination of methods, particularly Face- and Edge Extension and Loop



MakeHuman is an open source 3D modeling program. An auxiliary program, Make

Clothes, is an add-on for Blender. Clothing can be made in Blender with Make

Clothes and then exported to the MakeHuman program. In MakeHuman a human

figure is generated by selecting age, sex, weight, height, etc., clothed, rigged for

animation, then the clothed and rigged figure is exported back into Blender. In

Blender the figure can be posed and poly count reduced to less that 500 triangles

suitable for Trainz.

MakeHuman is a sculpting method where the work is taken out of creating the

detailed mesh. It further facilitates making human figures for Trainz in that for any

one figure the texture files for the clothing can be changed and different poses

captured in Blender.


Last updated: January 21, 2016


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