Blender for Trainz

        Table of Contents Introduction Step 01: Installation Step 02:      1591 Proxy Step 03: Import into Blender Steo 04: Reducing Poly Count - Clothing Step 05: Reducing Poly Count - Human Step 06: Texture Image Step 07:        UV               Re-Unwrap Step 08: Pose and Export Step 09: Redicing    Poly Count - <500

MakeHuman - Basic Steps


MakeHuman facilitates making human figures for Trainz by creating a high poly

mesh which you can cloth then reduce to a suitable poly count (<500 triangles), or

make a set of figures with suitable poly counts for applying LOD (Level Of Detail).

Saving a model with 1,000 to 2,000 triangles and using it to make additional models

with different poses and clothing can further facilitate modeling.

In this tutorial I will walk you through making a mesh in the 2,000 triangle range for

creating multiple poses and adding various clothing. We will then reduce this mesh

to about 1,000 triangles and then to less than 500 triangles, as determined using

PEV’s Trainz Mesh Viewer 2. The latter mesh may be suitable on its own for

installing in Trainz. If you wish to have more detail you can install all three meshes

using different LODs (Level of Detail).

To simplify this tutorial we will use some of the clothing that come with

MakeHuman. You can also make your own clothing using the Make Clothes Add-on

that comes with MakeHuman as part of the Blender Tools Add-on package. I’ll cover

Make Clothes is another tutorial.


Last updated: January 21, 2016


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