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Face Extrusion Modeling a Grizzly Bear

If one views videos of cab rides on Canadian Pacific Railway trains running over the

Mountain Subdivision in British Columbia, Canada, you will frequently see grizzly

bears scampering off of the tracks were they were feeding on split grain.

One of the world major breadbaskets is the Canadian prairie provinces of Manitoba,

Saskatchewan and Alberta. Most of the grain produced is shipped over the Canadian

Nation Railway’s main line through Jasper Park and the Canadian Pacific Railway’s

main line through Banff National Park, Yoho National Park and Glacier National Park

to the port of Vancouver on the Pacific Ocean for export. Needless to say not all of

the grain makes it to port. Some is spilt along the way this attracts wildlife

including the grizzly bear. Highways and railway account for a considerable

mortality rate despite efforts to reduce the kill.

Here I will guide you through the modeling of a grizzly bear. Modeling of organic

models such as this can be approached using either the Face Extrusion Method using

the pre-modeled Primitives provided in Blender, or the Edge Extrusion Method that

uses face (polygon) extension. Here we will use the Face Extrusion Method.


Last updated: November 13, 2015


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